About Us

"METWHITE" products ensure you the complete safety, durability and convenience of use. We guarantee to surpass your expections. Every nook, village, city, hill, terrain, desert and mountain of India has an untold story to varacious travellers. Technology has made over lives so convenient and efficient that it allow us to more in less effort. Every one of us is dependent on these Electrical accessories that we cannot do anything without them. Usually the small things in life are taken for granted and similar is the case when it comes to electrical assessories.

We use them regularly but we do not realize their importance. There is no building, no house and no home without switches. Switches had make a mark in the world of electricals. They are the most humble invention to solve one of the major purpose in our houses, offices and anywhere else.

What makes METWHITE product the best is advanced technology blended with excellence. Switches, Sockets and accessories are specially designed for the rugged indian condition. Our range reasonably priced, conveniently designed and delivers true value for money. We will give you an experience never to forget.